On February 4, 2017, Dr. Daniel Watter will present “Male Sexual Problems: an Existential View” at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy.

Recent years have concentrated on the medical explanations and treatments for male sexual problems.  While in many ways helpful, there has been a decreased focus on the deeply psychological and relational issues that manifest themselves in the sexuality of men.  This workshop will focus on the conceptualization and treatment of male sexual problems through the lens of existential psychology.  Heavily drawing from the work of Irvin Yalom, M.D., this case-centered presentation will examine the issues of loss of freedom and autonomy, fear of death, lack of meaning, and isolation and their contributions to the creation of sexual difficulties for men and their partners.  Highlighted will be case material focusing on problems such as: male erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory inhibition, and out-of-control sexual behavior.  Treatment suggestions from the existential perspective will be emphasized.

For more information about this program, contract Dr. Watter or the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy.