Psychotherapy is a process that aims to improve an individual’s sense of well being and decrease feelings of discomfort or suffering. Our therapists use a flexible, integrative approach to the process of psychotherapy, allowing us to implement a therapeutic style or combination of styles that will best meet our clients’ needs. Our backgrounds include training in cognitive/behavioral, psychodynamic, humanistic and experiential therapies.

Child & Adolescent Therapy
Children and teens can exhibit a variety of behaviors that may indicate that they are struggling with their emotions, and therapy can provide a safe environment for them to express themselves and relieve their distress. Play and talk therapy, family therapy, and parent counseling will help children and families begin to deal with difficult feelings, and learn new ways of coping.

Among the issues that may warrant therapy for your child are:

  • significant transitions such as relocation, divorce or death of a loved one
  • peer problems
  • sexual issues
  • specific fears, anxiety or depression
  • school difficulties

Adult, Couples & Family Therapy
Morris Psychological Group offers psychotherapy on an individual, group, or family basis, helping people to develop skills to better cope with the stressors that present in all aspects of daily life and to understand and communicate more effectively with family members. Some of our “specialty areas” of psychotherapy include: health psychology, sports psychology, hypnotherapy, sex therapy, and psychotherapy for individuals or couples facing reproductive health issues.